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calcium phosphate cement
is an optimized calcium phosphate
allowing the cement to be applied by injection under pressure thanks to its unique
composition, which associates resorbable polymers with phosphocalcic compounds
The mechanical properties aiming both at better resistance under compression and at a
modulus of elasticity close to that of bone.
guarantees the resorption of the cement and its replacement by the patient’s bone tissue,
is of importance and relatively high in AXOZ
The conclusions of a preclinical study,
well-known predicate, was that
injected for a longer perio
compressive strength
that remains dense after im
Interesting are the h
had grown centripetally and progressed towards the center of the defects.
4, 8 and 12 weeks, respectively 2%, 8% and 13% more
Art. No.
Calcium Phosphate Cement
Calcium Phosphate Cement
Calcium Phosphate Cement
AXOZ Injector (autoclavable)
The injector is not included in each unit of cement
The progressive osteoclast
resorption of AXOZ
followed by new bone
ensures that all of the
material may be replaced
eventually. Resorption of
AXOZ will result in
replacement by lamellar
After time AXOZ implants
will be totally covered by a
thin layer of bone and
osteoclasts, present at the
interface, clearly resorbing
the cement. At locations
where AXOZ is resorbed,
new bone will be
with respect to its optimal rheology,
The macroporousness, which ultimately
Simple preparation in only 2 minutes (incl. mixing)
After injection, AXOZ will harden within 20 – 25
The AXOZ can be used, while prepared, for approx.
The compressive strength of AXOZ is similar
to that of human cancellous bone, 12 MPa.
AXOZ manifests a total porosity of 65-70%,
with roughly 8% of macroporosity
Resorption within 6 – 8 months
Spine fusion
Cortial bone defects
Cancellous bone defects
Periodental defects
Sinus lift
where AXOZ is compared with a
the AXOZ is outperforming the predicate. The AXOZ can
d and with less force. The final porosity is 15%
is 6 times higher. Because of its nature apatitic, the
istomorphometrical results for newly formed mineralized bone
newly formed bone than the predicate
5.0 cc
Box of 1 unit
8.0 cc
Box of 1 unit
8.0 cc
Box of 2 units
Box of 1 unit
AXOZ is biocompatible, osteoconductive as well as osteotransductive
and is an ideal material for use as a bone substitute.
60 minutes
higher and the
predicate is a product
. Bone
AXOZ had, after
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